Friday, 23 November 2018

Celebrations and Hibernation

Over the last couple of weeks we have continued with our topic celebrations. We continued with Diwali, introduced and learnt about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night last week, and this week are moving onto Birthday celebrations.

The children have loved decorating their Divas with paint, making firework rockets and continuing with the Rangoli patterns outside .

Alongside Diwali we have had the themes fireworks, autumn and hibernation running through reception.  Here are some pictures showing the work we have been up to in class.

We looked at the author Nick Butterworth and his Percy
the park keeper stories and the children have loved looking at all the woodland creatures and how they hibernate and what that means too. We looked at the words nocturnal and migrate too.

Connie: “ Swallows migrate to Africa”

Alice: “Hibernate means animals sleep”

Guiseppe: “When it is winter they sleep to keep warm”

Ralph H: “They wake up in spring”

Edward: (Nocturnal means) “They sleep during the day

 and wake at night”

The children have been exploring autumn talking about 
animals and what they get up to in autumn ready for 
winter. The children have been very imaginative making 
hedgehogs with play dough at the creative table as well as creating hibernating hedgehogs using autumn leaves too.

In maths the children have been looking at one more and one less and how the numbers get bigger and smaller 
depending on if less or more. They have enjoyed using the unifix cubes to help them work out the answers when necessary.

The mobilo, dinosaurs and construction building have been very popular in class. 

Here are some other things that we have enjoyed in reception!

Have a lovely weekend!