Friday, 29 June 2018

Multi Cultural Arts Week and more...

What a fabulous week we had last week!  It was our Multi-cultural Arts week and everyone enjoyed a whole variety of brilliant creative activities.  The children individually decorated t shirts and made some beautiful masks with Mrs Ralph.  They sang and they danced and had a wonderful drumming workshop.  The week finished with a whole school assembly on Friday afternoon and the children processed to the song ‘The Ugly Bug Ball’. It was a most colourful display!

We waited in anticipation as our chrysalis caterpillars were placed into their net ready to begin their transformation in to butterflies.  Finally, 3 beautiful butterflies emerged.  We fed them with some orange pieces and created a nectar solution from sugar and water for them to feed on.   On Monday of this week we took our butterflies outside to let them fly free. We enjoyed learning through observation the life cycle of a butterfly.

In Maths we have been working really hard to understand what it means to half a number – sharing it into two equal parts or groups.  We have been using cubes and plates. The children have shared the cubes between the two plates.  Some children initially found it helpful to say, “one for you, one for me”.  They then checked they had shared the cubes equally and repeated the phrase, “half of….is …..”   Some children can now say half of 2,4,6,8,10 without having to use cubes to work the answer out. Well done! 

In RE we have begun our new topic, “Our World”. We have been thinking about all the things that make our world so wonderful and everything we need to be thankful for. We are enjoying listening to “What a wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong with lots of the children recognising the tune. Next week we will begin to look at the creation story in the Bible and how we are able to share our world with everyone. We will also be thinking about how important it is to look after our world for ourselves and future generations.

We have a busy week next week.....
We are looking forward to our school trip on Monday 2 July, please remember to put sun cream on your child before they arrive at school. We will be outside all day and they will need a sun hat and plenty of water to drink.
On Thursday 5 July it is open evening – please come along to school between 6.00 pm and 8.00pm to have a look at our classroom and see all the lovely work from Art and Multicultural week. There will be an opportunity to visit other classrooms and to listen to some of our older children perform in the school hall. This is an event for all the family and the children love to show their parents around!
On Friday 6 July we have our Sports Day which takes place at 9.15 in the morning. The children need to bring in to school a T-shirt in their house colour to wear for this event - St Bernadette (red), St Thomas Moore (blue), St Clare (yellow) and St John Fisher (green)

Have a lovely weekend – we hope to see you at the Summer Fair on Saturday! 

The Reception Team

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