Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Autumn Continues and heading into Christmas preparation

We have been continuing to work hard in Reception over the past few weeks. Following on from our Autumn walk in class we have been learning how to mix colours to match the shades of some of the different leaves we found on our Autumn walk.

In Maths we have learnt about repeating patterns and making patterns that repeat 2 , 3 and some of us even 4 times. We also have learnt how we can use our bodies to make patterns. Also in Maths we have been learning about Positional Language. We worked in groups to give each other different positions we had to move to using a chair. We enjoyed this especially when Miss Parmley asked us to get under the chair.

In class, we are now working hard to prepare for our Christmas play " Christmas Counts ". Please help your child to practice their lines and also the songs that we are singing. The children are working hard and we have seen a great improvement over the course of the past few weeks. Please can you ensure that if your child has lines that these are sent into school everyday with them to enable us to rehearse.

If your child is a Narrator in the play could you please send a white top with no logos and black trousers or leggings for them to wear. The Narrators are Jemima , Niall , Liam , Jared and Millie K.

If your child is a Census Taker please could  you send in a white shirt and a tie and a pair of black trousers for them to wear. Please could these be in school no later than Monday 11th January 2017. The Census Takers are Matthew , William Hynes , Alexander W and Saskia.

All other costumes will be provided. Please speak to me if there any problems with finding outfits.

The Christmas Party food list will be outside the Reception Classroom from this afternoon , for you to sign up. I have tried to upload it onto this blog but at present it will not let me.  The Reception Christmas party is next Friday (15th December) and the children will not be having a school lunch on that day.

Finally , children who are in Yellow group will be showing on Friday. This can be linked to the theme of Christmas which is what we are going to be learning about over the next few weeks in class.

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Parmley

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