Friday, 23 June 2017

Sports Day

Well Done Reception !

We are very proud of your performance in Sports Day today and you should be pleased with how well everyone did.
The children were very supportive of each other and other year groups.
They were excited about the stickers that they had recieved and enjoyed the special treat of an ice lolly when we were back in class. At lunch time the children had a packed lunch  in our garden and then had some play time on the field. Here are some photographs , showing how much fun we had.

Have a lovely weekend !

Miss Parmley

Our School Trip to Aldenham Country Park and Farm

On Thursday the 15th of May we had 29 very excited children waiting to board the Coach to Aldenham. Quite a few times on the way there we were asked whether it was time to eat lunch !!
When we arrived we were met by our farm guide Charlie. He took us into the farmyard and explain some health and safety rules. 
We were lucky enough to see some Lavender chickens who were quite small. We then walked to the petting area and stroked a chicken who had funny feathers on his head and got to stroke a rabbit called Rolo and a guinea pig called Sophie.

After this we walked through the bird house and saw some chicks who were a few weeks old and then a chicken. As we walked out of the bird house we walked along the farmyard and found some goats with big horns.

We walked up to a barn area and saw some dairy cows and learnt that they produce milk and we also saw some beef cows and learnt that they give us beef.

After this we walked down to our cabin and enjoyed our lunch it was delicious.
Then we walked to 100 Akre Wood , we walked across Pooh bridge , found Eeyore , Roo and owls house.  We also found Winne the Poohs Honey pot in a tree.

Overall it was a fun day despite the hot weather and we  were a bit quieter on the coach on the way back to school.

Miss Parmley