Friday, 5 May 2017

Jack and The Beanstalk

Dear Parents ,

We have been busy enjoying the past few weeks in class. Our topic for the first two weeks of this term was Jack and the Beanstalk.
We enjoyed thinking about different things that we would do if we had our own magic beans and the children came up with some interesting ideas.

We have also started to grow our own broad beans in class. We put some paper towels inside a cup and then placed the bean in between the paper towel and the cup and poured in some water. Some of the beans have started to shoot already and we are watching how they grow every day.

 We used a variety of beans to see how many it would take to fill a giants hand. We then had to count these beans and write down the answer. We then drew around our hand and counted how many beans would fill our hand. We worked out the giants hand held more beans than ours.

We have been having fun in the garden playing snakes and ladders and practising our counting skills.

We have been recapping our knowledge of 2D shapes and their properties. One of our maths activities involved us having to roll a dice and make a shape that had the amount of sides shown on the dice, It was quite tricky but we had fun !

Next week in class we our book of the week is called Possum Magic, so our theme for the week is Australian Animals. If your child has anything at home to do with Australia please feel free to send it into school.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Parmley