Saturday, 5 November 2016

Welcome Back After Half Term

Welcome back to school and I hope that you enjoyed your half term holiday.
The children have come back and settled well.
Our topic this half term is Celebrations and Festivals. 
This week we have been enjoying learning about the Hindu Festival Diwali. We have also been learning about 3D shapes. 

The children have enjoyed making their own Mendhi patterns and counting in 5's.
We have also been making our own Rangoli patterns using different coloured rice. 

We have enjoyed learning about how Rama rescued Sita , from Ravannah. We enjoyed making some Diwali sweets called Barfi and also learning about how Hindus celebrate Diwali.
We have been enjoying playing and learning in our Hindu Temple Roleplay are.
Next week we are learning and thinking about Fireworks and the week after we will be thinking about autumn,

Please continue to practise your children's words and sounds with them and also hearing them read. We are encouraging the children to point to the words and sounds as they read to help develop their fluency and also 1-1 correspondence.

Thank you for your continued support 

Miss Parmley 

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