Saturday, 12 March 2016

Spring 2 Week 3

Another busy week in Reception Class!

It was lovely to see so many parents at the beginning of the week at Consultation Evenings and thank you for all the positive comments.

The children have taken part in several activities this week learning about the value of money. The role play area has been set up as a supermarket, with real food. The children have enjoyed exploring different foods and playing the part of the cashier and the customer.

In Literacy, we have been talking about the foods we like and don't like and giving explanations why. We have been looking at the story "The Shopping Basket" and recalled the story in our writing. We also enjoyed fruit salad and talked about why we need to eat healthily.

In R.E. we have started our topic on ‘Growing’ by talking about the things we do in Lent to grow more like Jesus. We have also learnt a song about Lent. Next week we will be learning about the Easter Story and the events leading up to Easter.

Other activities this week.

Celebration Time

Next week is Science, Maths and Engineering Week so the children will be taking part in activities focused on Mathematics and Understanding of the World. On Friday, as part of Sports Relief, the children will be taking part in a House Cross Country Tournament. The children are encouraged to wear a tee shirt of their House colour. (A list of House teams is available outside Reception Class, on the white board)

Enjoy your weekend.

Angela Moran.

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