Saturday, 27 February 2016

Spring 2 Week 1

This week in Reception we have been learning about the human time line from birth to old age.  In Mathematics we have been learning about measurement.  We have enjoyed measuring our friends using a tape measure and comparing each other’s height. We have also measured each other's feet in our Shoe Shop.

In Expressive Arts and Design, we have been learning about Mondrian Style painting and experimenting with the primary colours.  

In RE we have continued our topic of 'Gathering' by looking at the role that Mass has in bringing  people together. We looked at some artefacts that are used in the Mass and then we  took part  in some role-play of the Mass.

Next week we will continue our topic of 'Change' where we will be focusing on growth by planting some seeds. A reminder that Thursday is World Book Day and we will be marking the day by encouraging everyone to come to school dressed in either pyjamas or costume of a character from a book.

On Friday we have our first Class Assembly and you are very welcome to attend at 9.15am.  The children are already very excited.

Have a good weekend.

Angela Moran.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Spring 1 week 6

This week in Reception the children have enjoyed exploring non fiction books.  The children  have all made their own Recipe Books in Literacy. On Tuesday the class made pancakes as part of their Mathematics lesson on capacity.

In RE we have been talking about the season of Lent and each child made their Lenten Promise. On Ash Wednesday the children celebrated a lovely Mass with the rest of the school.  Next term we will be continuing our topic about Gathering and we will be talking about the role that the Church has in bringing people together.

On Friday, we had a whole school poetry recital. The children were very proud performing their poem about pancakes to the rest of the school.

After half term our topic is 'Change'  and we will start off by looking at the changes that the children have experienced in their first five years.  Please could I have a baby picture of your child ( if you have not already sent one in )

Enjoy your week.

Angela Moran.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Spring Term Week 5

Once again another busy week in Reception.   We have been learning about Chinese New year.  The most popular activity this week was the ‘Chinese take away and restaurant’ which was set up in the role play area.  The children were all very involved in making food, menus and carrying out role play in the restaurant.  In Literacy and Understanding of the World we listened to the Chinese New Year Story. During Mathematics we learnt about ordinal numbers through ordering the animals in the Chinese New Year calendar.

Thank you to Mrs Cowley, who came in on Tuesday to share some of her Chinese culture and artefacts.  We finished the week by having our own animal races.

The children have also enjoyed writing Chinese numbers, eating noodles with chopsticks, dressing up in Chinese costumes, making their own dragons, New Year cards and fortune cookies.

On Wednesday we had our first school trip to  Harpenden Library.  The children had a lovely time exploring the books and were mesmerised by some engaging stories.  Thank you to all the parents who helped with the trip.

The children especially enjoyed having their parents in and sharing their learning journals.  They were very proud to show their work and talk about their learning. Thank you for your continued support.

Next week we will be preparing for the season of Lent. On Shrove Tuesday we will be learning about why we have pancakes and hopefully we will be able to make some. On Ash Wednesday we will be celebrating Mass with Monsignor Turner. 

In Literacy we will be looking at the book ‘Mr Wolf's Pancakes’ and then making our own recipe books.  We will be learning a pancake rhyme which will be performed by the whole class during the school’s poetry recital on Friday. In mathematics we will be learning about capacity and volume.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Angela Moran.