Friday, 21 November 2014

Autumn 2: week 3

This week we learnt about 'beat the bad' week and 'colour'. We read several 'Elmer' stories and explored mixing colours to make our own patchwork Elmers:

At the start of the week we had a visiting Author who came into reception. The children were all enthralled by meeting an author and they all said how much they love reading.

In maths we learnt about addition number sentences and wepractised making the + and = signs

In literacy we read several Elmer stories and we found words that we could make rhyme with actions the elephants made e.g. hop, bop, pop.

In PSED, Elmer demonstrated that we should celebrate that everyone is different and unique. We ended our week on 'beat the bad' by attending a lovely assembly performed by year 5 demonstrating that we should treat each other with kindness.

Here are some other things we have got up to this week:

Preview of learning for next week:

Our theme for next week is Birthdays, which is also our new RE topic. Please bring in a photograph or object from a Birthday for show and tell next week.  Next week is also financial capability week so reception will learning about different coins and their values. In literacy we will be writing about Birthdays and the onset of Advent.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Goring

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