Friday, 14 November 2014

Autumn 2: week 2

We have had another busy and fun week in reception. Our theme this week was Autumn. We enjoyed going on an autumn walk, collecting autumn objects and learning about the changes that happen during Autumn. We used the leaves we collected to make leaf artwork in relation to the story 'Leaf man':

During Literacy we wrote our own extract about Leafman and attempted simple sentences explaining where the wind might take Leaf man. 

During Maths we focused on 3D shapes, we explored the edges, corners and faces of 3D shapes and identified that the faces are 2D shape names that we already knew. Here we are describing 3D Shapes to each other:

Digging for 3D shapes

Here are some other things we have got up to this week:

Next week we will look at the story 'Elmer' in relation to our theme of the week being colour and anti bullying week. In maths we will be focusing on adding and taking away.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Goring

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