Friday, 10 October 2014

Autumn 1: week 6

We have had another busy and fun filled week in reception.

The theme this week was 'our feet'. During our show and tell time we had a vast array of shoes, socks, footballs and other things related to our feet, which prompted some excellent language and conversation opportunities.

During Literacy and Understanding the World we wrote lists about places we visit using our feet in our local environments. We had a look at our school on a map and spotted all the places nearby.

In phonics we have continued to learn new letter sounds and consolidate sounds we have already learnt. We are continually practising segmenting words within our writing and blending within our reading. We are also taking time to practise our letter formation during our phonic lessons and when using our special handwriting books.

In maths we looked at repeating patterns, which is reflected in your homework this week. We looked at patterns involving shapes, colours, movements and noticed patterns in ourselves when standing side by side.

In RE we continued our topic of 'Welcome' We learnt about Baptism and how a child is welcomed into God's family. We all reenacted a Baptism, playing the roles of people who would be present:

In PSED we talked about what makes us special and what is special about others.

Here are some other things we got up to this week during Child Initiated Learning time:

Preview of learning for next week:
Next week our theme is 'my favourite food'. The children will have the opportunity to make some of their own food and weigh the ingredients. In maths we will continue to focus on weighing and measuring. In literacy we will write about the recipe we used to make our food.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Goring

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