Friday, 3 July 2020

The Three Little Pigs

Hello Reception class,

We have had another busy week in school. It's been rainy and sunny all week. Mr Weatherman is still a little confused!
If you're at home, we hope you're well and we are thinking of you.

The children in school have continued to work hard, they have been very busy.

In Literacy this week the children have been reading the story of The Three Little Pigs, they have listened to it, sequenced it in the correct it, created a story map and written their own version using their story maps.

In Maths, we have been learning about odd and even numbers. The children are very good at explaining that "even numbers can be shared in half (evenly)" and "odd numbers can't be shared in half". They have practised with number lines outside on the playground, they have sorted numbers and also coloured odd and even numbers to spot the pattern.

In Topic, the theme has been 'Small Things'. The children have been looking for different small things in our immediate environment and discussing why they are pretty. They have done some painting with just their fingertips and created a collage with small things that they collected from our school environment.

Mr Simmonds has been practising Yoga with the children this week which they particularly enjoyed, the children needed to concentrate really well on the stretches. They have also been doing lots of running and they have practised their hopping and skipping.




We started our Religious Education Topic of ‘Friends’ at the beginning of this term.  The children heard the story of ‘The Selfish Crocodile’ and discussed how the mouse was a good friend and why. The children talked about their own friends and what  they thought should happen when friendships go wrong to make things right again.  Listening to the Bible, they heard about Jesus’ special friends and his rule – John 13:34-35.  ‘Love one another, I love each one of you, and I want you to love one another.’

Next weeks learning:
-Daily handwriting-we will continue to practise letter formation and sitting our letters on the line.
-Weight and capacity.
-Revisit and embed trigraphs and Phase 4 phonics (you can still access the Phase 4 PowerPoint via Tapestry).
-Our theme next week is 'Old Things' we will explore the meaning of 'old' and find different types of old things in our environment.
-We will read the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood' next week. We will listen to it, sequence it and retell it, focusing on writing in narrative form the beginning, middle and end of the story. 

There will be no more observations on Tapestry as Mrs Corcoran needs to finalise everyone's accounts.

Have a lovely weekend.
Miss Day and Mrs Downs.