Monday, 21 January 2019

welcome back

Happy New Year.
Welcome back into 2019. 

We are back into the swing of things and over the last few weeks the children the children have been finding out about winter and the people who help us in school.

The children have been naming, researching and finding out about winter animals, looking at clothes we wear in winter, the weather, hibernation and migration and the animals linked to them.

 We have spent some time with ice and the children have particularly enjoyed the ice caves - made with water frozen in balloons. They put polar bears, penguins and other winter and sea creatures into them. They absolutely loved this activity!

In the construction area the children have built igloos and homes for winter animals

The children have loved making snowmen, either using play dough or painting pictures as you can see!

The children rolled and moulded the play dough or chose to use the shape cutters to help them.

Last week, in the role play area, the children have been trying on different costumes in our Dressing- up Shop. They have taken on different roles and characters which they have developed as the week went on

This week we have set a school up for the children to pretend to be the teachers! It has been very interesting guessing who they are pretending to be…

The children have been busy in the writing area; they have made thank you cards and written notes to their friends and families.

In maths we are looking at number, the children have been exploring different aspects – recognition, counting and grouping. They have used the Numicon to support them with their calculations.

In the outside environment the children have been enjoying playing outdoor games together such as - Grandmothers Footsteps, Stuck in the Mud and What’s the time Mr Wolf?
The mud kitchen, construction blocks and bikes always prove to be popular.

we have enjoyed these activities too!

We would like to thank you all for your generous Christmas gifts and hope you all had a relaxing time with your families.

Have a lovely weekend
The Reception Team